The Most Famous Motor Shows in the States

The automotive world is full of technological innovations and one of the best ways to get up close and personal with these designs, both old and new, is to visit the annual motor shows, held all over the States, every year. It’s hard not to get passionate about this world, prompting fuel-heads to travel from far and wide to attend any of these shows:

North American International Auto Show, Detroit

This is the big one in the States, the one that all tend to flock to every year in mid-January. It takes place over the course of a week with each day dedicated to a different outlet, from the media to charities and, of course, to the adoring public. Those interested in the biggest and brightest from the industry can expect to see all their favourites attend this event, a truly world-class show, considered one of the most important in the world.

Chicago Motor Show

Despite Detroit’s significance within the automobile industry, the Chicago Show has overtaken it in terms of size and attendance in recent years. Chicago markets itself exclusively for the fans as opposed to industry insiders and, in this respect, doesn’t feature the same extensive know-how but usually displays over 1,000 car models and is set in the ideal locale of Lake Michigan, making it very much the people’s champion of motor shows.

SEMA Auto Show

The SEMA Auto Show is held every year in Las Vegas, immediately evoking connotations of glitz, glamour and money. It brings in industry experts from around the world and smartly divides the event into different sections, incorporating specialty products and tools alongside vehicles. Though it’s not open to the general public, its sheer exclusivity and abundance of educational seminars makes it a remarkable addition to the line of motor shows hosted each year across North America.

Philadelphia International

Whilst Vegas holds a members-only show, the Philadelphia International tends to focus on all the family, implementing a far more personal touch to proceedings. Whilst it’s been a popular event since the 1900s, it’s recently undergone something of a face-lift, improving its catalogue, bringing in a number of new models from all the big brands as well as maintaining its classical section which firmly remains a fan-favourite.

Orange County Motor Show

The Orange County Auto Show is a localised show held in the car-loving arena of California. More specifically, it’s based in Anaheim and is considered the most popular addition to the O.C. It brings in a number of experts, as one might expect, allowing members of the general public to mix with these ‘in-the-know’ individuals and offers the exclusive opportunity to actually jump in the antique and exotic vehicles, taking them for a test-drive and adding a little extra to the experience at the same time.