How to Organize A Car Poker Run

If you’re a giver and want to organize a fun and entertaining fundraising event you can’t go wrong with a Car Poker Run. If your cause requires a lot of money to be raised, you can choose to organize a Luxury or Exotic Car Poker Run event. It will guarantee that higher funds are donated.

What Is the Objective?

A car poker run is a charity event which involves 5 to 7 checkpoints where each participant draws a card. The end goal is to make up a winning poker hand by the end of the event.

What Are the Rules?

Usually an entry fee is paid by each participant to the game. Each player gets a map and guide of the poker run circuit to know exactly where to drive. The start and finish times are announced before the game begins. At each checkpoint there’s a person who has a deck of cards. Every player must draw his card when he reaches each checkpoint. You can choose to use a real deck or have the card number crossed out on a chart. Also, players could be asked to pay a certain amount of money at every checkpoint to receive their card. It depends on how the event is organized. Every player should reach the finish point before the event’s duration ends and who has the best poker hand wins. At the end of the Poker Run you can organize a standard game such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha or a hybrid version of the game like Pai Gow Poker. The winner of the Poker Run can decide what type of poker will be played. Players’ hands can be made up by the cards they’ve received at every stop. This can give you a chance to raise even more money by having the players place bets against each other. All funds raised are donated to the charity chosen by the winning player.

Wrapping It Up

A Car Poker Run is a very enjoyable event for car and gambling enthusiasts. It’s the perfect way to gamble, enjoy the thrill of a race and show that you care for others.