Keeping Your Car Fresh

A car is not only an important means of transportation but it can also be a tool for work. Imagine a sales representative arriving with a car full of empty cans, paper wrappings, and cardboard coffee mugs. Not very professional, right? The key rule is not to throw garbage on the floor, do not smoke, or eat in a car if you want to keep the car in excellent condition and avoid major interior cleaning bills. When travelling with pets, provide a special blanket or crate to avoid pet hair on the upholstery. A crate is the safest way to transport a pet.Car FreshIf you’re a smoker, the scent of smoke infiltrates your entire life. The awful smell of cigarette smoke affects the scent of not only your hair and clothes, but also your car. Here are a few tips to keep your car clean and fresh.


The upholstered parts in a car tend to take up the most smoke. Vacuum your mats and use carpet cleaner. To clean the upholstery, use cleaners and fabric fresheners. Some not only block the scent of tobacco, but are also antibacterial and will completely remove the smoky scent altogether.Empty your cigarette tray and then wipe it with a household cleaner. If you smoke in your car, keep the windows open so that the smell doesn’t permeate throughout the car. Use the car’s AC to keep the air circulating.

Other Options

If you’re a smoker and you can’t quite quit, you might want to consider Swedish Snus, which is a tobacco product that’s placed against the gums and requires no smoking. Snus has effectively been used as a way to transition from smoking to non-smoking. Because it’s smoke free, it will not only provide you with the nicotine you crave and is much less likely to create the after-smell of smoke.Dryer sheet works as well; they’re scented to create a sense of freshness, but can also be used as discreet scent removers under your car seats. Of course, there’s always the option of having your car professionally cleaned and maintained by professionals.