Must-Have Tools for Every Car Enthusiast

Every car enthusiast needs to have the tools required to work on their vehicle and keep it in good condition. The following are a few of the best to have available.

Stringo Vehicle Mover

This nifty piece of motorized equipment is perfect for moving cars around an indoor or outdoor space. There are a few models available to suit the needs of smaller and larger vehicle collections, and they make it simple to maneuver a car without having to start it. This helps to minimizes exhaust fumes in a garage and is of use when fixing broken down vehicles. It works by sliding a platform under the front or back wheels to lift them, then used to easily move the vehicle to where it is needed.


Diagnosing problems with a modern car can be made simpler by the digital error codes that are displayed. CarMD works to make this even easier by allowing an owner to carry out a diagnostic check on their vehicle. The device is designed to monitor a car’s systems when plugged in and captures any error codes. It can then be connected to a PC, which brings up a website where the problem that is occurring will be explained in simple English.

Stanley J5C09 Jump-Starter

A dead battery can be a frustration for any car owner although it is a problem that is easily fixed with this Stanley jump-starter. The portable unit can be kept in a garage or stored in a vehicle and provides 500amps of continuous cranking power and a peak of up to 1000amps to get any flat battery running again. A handy LED light makes it easy to use in the dark and the unit also functions as an air compressor for inflating tires.Any car enthusiast will find the tools and equipment shown above useful and should consider adding them to their garage.